Empowering Parents in the Digital Age: The Importance of the Parents Plus Healthy Families Programme

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, children are increasingly using technology in their daily lives.

While technology offers numerous benefits, such as access to educational resources and the ability to stay connected with friends and family, it also brings potential risks. Recent statistics from online safety charity Internet Matters who surveys 1,000 families on their digital habits found parents have growing concerns that time on devices is cutting into traditionally family-oriented time, while 63% of parents asked also said they believe time spent online is negatively affecting their children’s health and 50% said they were concerned that screen time was impacting on their children’s sleep

This worrying trend of excessive screen time among children can lead to poor sleep quality, reduced physical activity, and an increased risk of obesity.

As professionals working in community, health, education, and disability services, we play a crucial role in helping parents navigate this complex digital environment. It’s essential to ensure that children’s use of technology is balanced and appropriate, and parents need the right tools and knowledge to achieve this.

They must be equipped to set limits on screen time and encourage their children to participate in other activities, such as outdoor play and face-to-face social interactions. Moreover, parents should be vigilant about the content their children are accessing online and take steps to protect their privacy and security.

This is where the Parents Plus Healthy Families Programme comes into play.

This evidence-based programme is specially designed to support families in improving their relationships, communication, and overall well-being. By attending the training for this programme, professionals like you can gain the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively deliver it to families in your communities.

The programme covers a wide range of topics crucial to parents, including setting up rules around technology use at home. It empowers parents to create healthy and connected families, improving the well-being of everyone involved. In a world where gadgets and screens often dominate family time, this programme offers a vital resource for parents striving to find balance and ensure the healthy development of their children.

As professionals, we have the opportunity to make a significant impact by promoting and implementing the Parents Plus Healthy Families Programme. By doing so, we can help parents build a strong foundation for their children’s future, fostering an environment where technology is used responsibly and healthily. Let’s embrace this opportunity and work together to create a positive change in our communities.