If you engage in services with Parents Plus charity and would like to provide positive or negative feedback, or you are unhappy with the service, please be rest assured that we welcome feedback so that we can continue to improve. 

Therefore we aim to ensure that:

  • it is as easy as possible to make a complaint
  • we treat as a complaint any clear expression of dissatisfaction with our operations which calls for a response
  • we treat it seriously whether it is made by telephone, letter, fax, email or in person
  • we deal with it quickly and politely
  • we respond accordingly, e.g. with an explanation, or an apology where we have got things wrong, and information on any action taken etc
  • we learn from complaints, use them to improve, and monitor them with our Board of Directors

If you do have a complaint about any aspect of our work, you can contact Cherie Tyner in writing or by telephone.  In the first instance, your complaint will be dealt with by our CEO (or other named office holder with sufficient seniority to address the complaint).  Please give us as much information as possible and let us know how you would like us to respond to you, providing relevant contact details.

Write to:

Cherie Tyner, Parents Plus Charity, The Mater Hospital, Eccles Street, Dublin 7

Tel: 01 854 5185

Email: Cherie@parentsplus.ie

We are open from 9a.m. to 5p.m. Monday – Thursday and 9a.m. to 4.30p.m. on Fridays.

What information do we need to help resolve your Complaint? 
Remember to state your name and telephone number or email address.
Describe what your complaint is about, stating relevant dates and times.
State your preferred method of communication.

What happens next?
If you complain in person or over the phone, we will try to resolve the issue immediately.  If you complain by email or in writing we will acknowledge your complaint within 7 days, and do everything we can to resolve it within 21 days. If this is not possible, we will explain why and provide a new deadline.  

All complaints will be logged in our Complaints Register and tracked until they are resolved. The complaints register is reviewed annually by our Governance Subcommittee, who then update the board of directors. 

What if the complaint is not resolved?
If you are not happy with our response, you may get in touch again by writing to Parents Plus Chairman. The Chairman will ensure that your appeal is reviewed at Board level and will respond within two weeks of this review.

Acting on Results
We will do everything we can to put things right and will review our procedures where necessary to stop problems happening again.

Your Voice
We value all feedback from those who engage with us, and would also like to hear from you about what you think we do well.