I benefited from the Parents Plus course in that I have a great understanding, I have better patience, I understand more about the neurological end of it and that we are not alone and that there are so many parents going through what we go through 

Father of an 11 year old daughter

Very useful and helpful –  definitely a great box of tools and I would say a must for parents of ADHD kids

Mother of an 11 year old son

The Parents Plus course is the only support we have received as a parent. We got some help for the children in the school and through CAMHS but as a parent we had nothing until we attended the course

Mother of an 11 year old son

The course was a good support and when you feel exhausted and so demotivated you can’t feel the energy to go ahead and do more the group helps you say ok that was a bad day today is another day. Just start again. 

Mother of an 11 year old son

The Parents Plus course  is a great source of support and information for parents or anyone looking after a child with ADHD. It explains a lot about what it is and why your child behaves in a certain way and it supports you in the way that you are feeling too because it acknowledges how you feel as a parent 

Mother of an 8  year old son

[my husband] sat in the background one or two of the nights listening and he just turned to me and he said to me, we are not alone at least we know it’s going on in other peoples houses, so that was a big thing especially with us coming out of lockdown.

Mother of an 12 year old daughter

it is really invaluable to focus you on different techniques, reaffirm techniques that you are doing already that you may not feel that what you are doing is right but actually it is along the right lines and really key to be able to connect up with other people with similar experiences and be able to get that experience and support through a larger network group.

Mother of an 9  year old son

 I had been Googling things and looking at books and looking up videos and I was a bit overwhelmed to be honest by all the information out there. Whereas I found that this summed everything all up you know I was able to just take it all in.  

Mother of an 9 year old son

I would say it’s worthwhile doing. I would say it’s not an enormously onerous amount of time, like you can fit it in and it is worth doing because you will stop and think and try and understand what you are doing and what your child is feeling.  

Mother of an 12 year old son

It was good to hear from people who have been through the process and then also I think everyone was very open to sharing their stories and comparing experiences which was really helpful. It makes you feel a bit less alone.

Mother of an 11 year old son

Connecting with other parents who are going through the same thing, so there are so many people living out there with children with ADHD, living the same issues as yourself. It wasvery helpful  just getting feedback from others on what has worked or hasn’t worked.

Mother of an 8 year old son

 I also really loved each week hearing what struggles people had had that week because I might have had them a few weeks previous and didn’t know how to handle them. Or I might have had them a few weeks after or I might have been going through them that week myself. So the practical side of it and just being told like difficult but important advice.

Mother of an 6 year old daughter

I would be talking to friends and explaining my day to day and they would be like “ah ya it can’t be that bad” but when you’re actually chatting to other parents of kids with ADHD they just get you they get your life they get your home environment so you just feel really supported.

Mother of an 6 year old daughter

the programme itself is talking and listening and sharing experiences with other parents with similar challenges and that feeling of your not alone so that group and that support was invaluable

Mother of an 9 year old son

The parents need the chat, they need to know that they are not alone and they need to know that other kids are going through this, other parents are going through this, other family members are going through this

Father of 8 year old son

I found the chat with parents and getting their opinions on things, life experience or what happened or tips on how to deal with certain aspects of it. I found that very good. 

 I would definitely recommend it to somebody. Especially somebody who doesn’t know anything about ADHD and is coming in fresh because hearing other people going through the same thing is very important to not feel alone.  

The course and the book was very well organised, I was surprised to receive a book so early and it’s so comprehensive. It is something that I will refer back to.

Mother of 9 year old son

I found the book amazing. Really helpful, it was good to have a read before the group and now it is good to have it, to go back and rethink again 

Mother of an 11 year old son