Book Your Supervision From Our Upcoming Autumn 2024 Dates

At Parents Plus, we are committed to supporting your professional development. As part of this commitment, we offer TWO supervision sessions within the first year of completing the training in one of our evidence-based programmes. These sessions are designed to support you in delivering effective and impactful programmes to parents and caregivers. Our training and supports are […]

Funded Accreditation Opportunity for Practitioners

We have a funded accreditation opportunity that you might be interested in. Parents Plus are offering funded Accreditation places for a limited number of practitioners (8 places in total) to complete the Accreditation process in the programme that they are trained in and deliver in their service. The Accreditation is an additional piece of practice development CPD […]

Parents Plus FAQ: Answering Your Most Common Queries

Welcome to our Parents Plus community! With an influx of new followers and enthusiastic participants, we’ve noticed an increase in queries and curiosities about our programmes and supports. To ensure that everyone feels well-informed, connected to our mission and understands how we can support their service delivery we’ve decided to compile a FAQ list, addressing […]